Moving to Montana from Georgia!

Are we crazy? Ha! Well, depends on who you ask.

We are super excited for this new journey in our lives! So, my husband and I have been talking, dreaming, planning this since around 2016. Yes, that long.

It all began on a sad yet new place in our life. We had been trying for a few years to get pregnant but no luck and after different procedures, meds, and home remedies we decided it wasn’t meant to be and accepted it. We wouldn’t be parents. So, we decided to make a new plan in life. Adventure! Not just that, but also moving to the mountains to live the rest of our days. Before that point we always talked about it but never made any plans.

Then God laughed. We had our first baby in 2017. Our plans were set aside but still there.

Then decided to start the plans again in 2019. I got pregnant again but I lost it. Our plans were set aside but again still there.

So, 2020 right? Nope, God blessed us and we had a rainbow baby. So, plans were set aside again.

2021? Yes! After two beautiful baby girls we are so happy! Now, planning is on again and it has happened so fast it’s unbelievable!

The very first thing that had to be concrete was a job right? Well, my husband started looking and we assumed that would certainly take time because not many places will hire from out of state. After, 3 weeks of routinely looking and applying he actually got a couple of interviews and one of them just felt right and was perfect for us!


Montana was one of our top picks but I must say I was a little nervous about it because it is a BIG move but the more I studied the state the more I loved it. Lots to do, calm and peaceful, lower crime, not to mention beautiful! Everything we could hope for ourselves and especially our kids.

We are packing, planning and getting ready to go. We will be there by the end of this month and we can’t wait!

And so it begins. Our new adventure awaits!

Published by SACason

I'm an author of different genre books.

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