5 tips on renting or buying in Montana 2021.

I’ll start by saying this. It is easier to find a job than it is housing. If you find a great job then housing may kill your dream because it’s such a pain to find something affordable and available.

In our search we gave up twice, tried again and finally a miracle happened and I don’t say that lightly either. We lost hope.

Through all of our headache we learned quite a lot. So I want to share our tips and maybe it will help someone else.

1. 18 and over have to apply.

If you have a son or daughter that is 18 or older and going to be living with you then they have to fill out an application,pay the application fee and yes, their credit gets run too. Just a heads up, yes this is all rental properties. Now, I don’t have all the reason why but my guess is because the rent has went up so much that rental property owners want to ensure they get their rent.

2. Bad credit or no credit.

Ok, if any applicant (this means an 18 yr old dependent too) has bad credit get ready to find a co-signer. Now, this may differ with different rental management’s but most of the time you will need that cosigner.

No credit may be an issue too. For instance, a stay at home mom may not have bad credit. They just have no credit. Some rental management may still frown upon that. My point is just because you are married and only one of you has decent credit and is the one working doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be ok. It depends on the rental property management. Each one is different.

3. Rental apps. These are great tools for information and I’m so glad to have used them but my advice is CALL! Don’t just message because these apps are at times out of date. Here are a few.




4. Don’t buy right now. Right now there is a serious boom in realty. Everything is being sold more than its worth. Wait until the market comes back down to reality. I would hate to end up with a home that I can’t sell and get back what I paid for it.

5. Jump. If you get contacted that a place is up for rent that you applied for. You better jump on it fast. If you see something of interest, call right then. Everything goes Fast!

Keep up with our journey here and many more tips and tricks coming soon!

Published by SACason

I'm an author of different genre books.

2 thoughts on “5 tips on renting or buying in Montana 2021.

  1. Love that you published this, hope it will help someone to ease their move. Happy you were able to accomplish your dream, and enjoying your new location. GOOD LUCK!

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