How we moved our family of 4 from Georgia to Montana

Very carefully. Lol! No, seriously, we looked at different options and we wanted whatever was less stress, and affordable. So, here is what and how we did it and the pros and cons of our big adventure.

1. Less baggage!! We downsized and moved ourselves.

Downsizing was crucial! We are a collector of things and after being married for 10 years you end up with a lot actually so we took inventory. We sold items that could easily sell. Everything else that We didn’t need, we give to those in need.

We ended up making enough money to pay for our gas for the trip. Yay! We also were able to travel together in one vehicle which is so much more easy with littles. We rented a uhaul hitched trailer. And we downsized a lot!

The only downfall to moving like this is collecting things again for your home. It takes time to build it back up so just be patient and learn to love minimalism for a little bit.

2. Don’t overplan your trip.

With littles you never know when or how often you will need to stop. Driving from south Georgia to Montana, it took us 4 – 1/2 days with a 4 yr old and a 10 month old. We took it day by day. We wanted to plan stops and stays but it would have put more stress on us to stick to a plan.

3. Keeping littles entertained.

Here is my list of items I kept in the truck.

A. Toddler potty seat. Trust me it came in handy quite a few times.

B. Toys, coloring books, devices, busy books

C. Snacks, drinks, water

D. Diaper disposable bags, trash bags, wipes, hand sanitizer.

Note: Break often because they need to move around for many reasons but basically to keep them comfortable for the trip and that makes less stress for you.

4. Ubereats

This actually saved us time and made getting food a whole lot smoother when we would stop for the night.

So, to sum up our trip. The only things we spent money on were the following:

Uhaul for 7 days




Total = $2900.00

Now, remember we sold some things before we moved. So, we made $900 from that. We used that for our trip. This was our total! $2000.00

This was way less than what we would have paid on any other option. Yes, it took some work but well worth it! I hope this has helps someone. And yes, we are in love with Montana!

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