My Recipes Issue #1

I love to cook and in fact it is one of my many hobbies. I enjoy creating something new, perfecting something old or as I like to say, “doctoring something up” to make it better. Food in my opinion is a very ancient way for many great things. Such as the following: Comfort for theContinue reading “My Recipes Issue #1”

My weekly teaching routine for pre-k

My 4 yr old is a social kid and so my routine involves bringing her some joy in that. Joy equals learning with her so I do my best to bring comfort and joy to learning. However, I am also teaching her to respect, listen to directions and do as the teacher says. For theContinue reading “My weekly teaching routine for pre-k”

How we moved our family of 4 from Georgia to Montana

Very carefully. Lol! No, seriously, we looked at different options and we wanted whatever was less stress, and affordable. So, here is what and how we did it and the pros and cons of our big adventure. 1. Less baggage!! We downsized and moved ourselves. Downsizing was crucial! We are a collector of things andContinue reading “How we moved our family of 4 from Georgia to Montana”

5 tips on renting or buying in Montana 2021.

I’ll start by saying this. It is easier to find a job than it is housing. If you find a great job then housing may kill your dream because it’s such a pain to find something affordable and available. In our search we gave up twice, tried again and finally a miracle happened and IContinue reading “5 tips on renting or buying in Montana 2021.”